A visit to DDTVN (polish morning show on TV)

A visit to DDTVN (polish morning show on TV)

On September 7, we talked about our project in Poland’s Dzień Dobry TVN (polish morning show on TV). A film
was broadcast showing our preparations at the beginning of the meeting. Then the leaders
asked about the details and the backstage of our challenge.

  • http://dziendobry.tvn.pl/wideo,2064,n/przez-baltyk-wplaw-poplyna-jeszcze-dalej-niz-karas,240179.html

We want to let as many people as possible know about our challenge. We stayed at the TVN on Thursday morning to present the details of our project to a wider audience. See the material prepared by the TVN team.

After the broadcast, Kasia Jonio and Tomasz Jonio participated in a live interview at TVN. “We know it
will be cold and far away”; – Tomek started from it. When asked why we do this, Kasia replied: “There
are as many motivators as people participating in the project. Everyone has their own horizon, their
boundary that they want to move’s”. You can see the whole conversation in the material below:

This is definitely not our last appearance on TV. Follow our Facebook profile, where we will keep you up to date on our project!