The attempt to swim from Poland to Sweden will be made by a 6-person relay consisting of four men and two women. Each player will swim for an hour and then he/she will rest for 5 hours. The test will be carried out with the assistance of a watercraft. Members of the Cross Baltic Challenge 2018 crew will contain 6 swimmers from the main relay and 3 reserve swimmers (2 men and 1 woman), helmsman, rescuers, doctor, photographer, coach and expedition coordinator. In case of bad mood of one of the swimmers from the basic composition – a substitute player will enter the water in his place. The competitors will swim in neoprene foams during the test.

The main challenge facing the participants of the project is adapting to the conditions at sea: waving, cold and salt water, swimming at night. A challenge is also facing the boat crew that protects our project. It will be the responsible of choosing the optimal flow path, taking into account sea currents.

Our inspiration for the challenge was the BALVITEN BALTIC CHALLENGE relay, which twice attempted to sail from Poland to Sweden. The first time they had to turn back because of the deteriorating weather. Their next attempt was successful. However, the second time they had to make a stop on Bornholm due to the weather conditions (i.e. halfway to Sweden).



  • 170 km
  • 3 days
  • 6 swimmers
Project coordinator

Agata Maszewska

„BEYOND THE HORIZON, to dream about something that can not be seen. Horizon is just a line to cross.”