When? Event
June 28, 2017 400m test – The club members take the 400m test every quarter durng their trainings. This time the competitors were informed that 10 men and 4 women with the best times will be invited to a special project. The coach also decided to give away 2 “wild cards”. At this stage, all details BEYOND HORIZON Cross Balitc Challenge 2018 were kept secret.
July 4, 2017 MEETING Swimmers who sailed the best test at 400 m were invited to a special meeting held on the roof of the PASTA building, with a view of the whole of Warsaw. The coach revealed details of the project and presented its main assumptions. First reactions of the participants: disbelief and excitement! We officially formed a group of 16 candidates for the relay race, which will swim across the Baltic Sea in July 2018.
August 7,2017 Training IN Baltic Sea–  First contact of the group with the open sea. During the
8-10 hour cruise, the candidates performed the endurance training in subgroups. Candidates
could see how their bodies behave in wobble and cold conditions. It was a substitute for what
awaits us next year!
November 2017 BEGINNING OF DEDICATED TRAINING– Trainings dedicated to candidates for the relay start. They will last until an attempt to cross the Baltic Sea is made. The coach of Kuźnia Triathlonu (Rafał Pierścieniak) is responsible for the preparation.
November 12 2017 TEST FOR 1500 m, FIRST TERM – The first stage of qualifying for the XBC2018 relay will take place in November. In November, there will be two places in the main line-up for men and one place in the main line-up for a woman. In addition, people just behind the places included in the main team will be lucky losers: they will guarantee a reserve place in the relay race, and in the next test they will be able to continue to apply for the place in the main team of the relay team. Other people will continue training on a “wide reserve” basis – for unforeseen random events that can happen to members of the main team.
April 15, 2018 TEST FOR 1500 m, II TERM – the second stage of qualifying for the XBC2018 relay will take place in April 2018. The relay will be complemented by two seats for men and one seat for woman. Then we will also know the final participants of the entire relay race, including the reserve seats. Other people will continue to train on a "wide reserve" basis – due to unforeseen random events that may happen to members of the main team. The test will allow us to identify 6 swimmers in an objective and fair manner, who in July 2018 will attempt to cross the Baltic Sea and a 3-person reserve team, which will also be present on the boat in case of health problems of the relay team members.